Who We Are

Our Mission

helpNYC is a peer-driven community-based orangization that educates, advocates for, and provides direct services to people who are in need. We promote Human Rights, Social Justice, and social and economic opportunities. Our belief that people are the experts in their own lives is the essence of our work.

Our Motto

Removing Barriers. Restoring Dignity. Inspiring Hope.

Our Values

Human Rights - We support and advocate for the Human Rights of those who are underserved.

Lived Experience - We know our personal lived experience can be the most valuable tool in helping others.

Personal Dignity - We believe it is the right of an individual to have control over every aspect of their life.

Harm Reduction - We embrace practices that promote dignity, wellbeing, and access to services and resources.

Our Team

Our Partners

This is just a few of over 300 Mission, Community, and Listing Partners, and Patrons that support the work of helpNYC.

Annual Reports

Our Year in Review - Fiscal Year 2018

It warms my heart that a year ago a small website I created to share information with friends has grown into a mission to provide information about low-barrier, verified, and safe resources that New Yorkers can access across our great city. I never thought I would be writing the first annual report nor exploring the exciting opportunities coming in 2020 to helpNYC. Continue Reading