Early Voting is underway in New York City. Do you have a plan to vote? Use our simple guide to find tips to help you plan to vote this year!

We encourage you to make a plan to vote! Below are four simple steps on how to vote in the 2021 General Election. All information mentioned can be found at NYC Votes or the NYC Board of Elections.

If you have any questions during the Early Voting period or on Election Day, please call the NYC Board of Elections at 866.VOTE.NYC (866.868.3692) or visit their website at vote.nyc.

Make your plan to vote, share it with your family and friends. Let's make a better New York for everyone!

Early Voting started on Saturday, October 23 and ending Sunday, October 31. Election Day is on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. Note there will be no voting on November 1.

Saturday, October 23

Sunday, October 24

Monday, October 25

Tuesday, October 26

Wednesday, October 27

Thursday, October 28

Friday, October 29

Saturday, October 30

Sunday, October 31

Tuesday, November 2 (Election Day)

Make sure you know where to vote! Click here to find your Early Voting or Election Day Poll Site.

Keep in mind...

  • The NYC Board of Elections has assigned you an early voting location which is likely different from your Election Day poll site.

  • Early Voting Poll Sites hours vary each day. Please confirm your Poll Site's hours before you go to vote.

  • On Election Day, Tuesday, November 2, all Poll Sites are open 6:00a - 9:00p.

There is a variety of District, Borough, City, County, and State Offices along with Justices for the District, County, and State Courts we will be voting for in the City of New York.


Public Advocate


Borough President

NY State Senate (Manhattan)

District Attorney (Manhattan & Brooklyn)

NY State Supreme Court

Civil Court (County)

Civil Court (District)

Surrogate Court (Brooklyn)

Don't know who to vote for? Please visit NYC VOTES: Meet the Candidates, a nonpartisan voter education program, to read candidate statements, their platforms, and video interviews. You can also search your home address to find out who is on your District's ballot.

Please note that each District may have different Offices on them depending which Offices are up for election.

What are ballot proposals? There are five proposals on the ballot this fall regarding proposed changes to the New York State Constitution. Voters will vote “Yes” or “No” on each of these proposals. If a majority of New Yorkers vote “Yes,” then these changes will go into effect.

Question 1: The Redistricting Process This proposal would reform the redistricting process that determines representation across the state. Click here for more information on Question 1.

Question 2: Right to Clean Air, Clean Water, and a Healthful Environment This proposal would provide the right to clean air, clean water, and a healthful environment to all New Yorkers. Click here for more information on Question 2.

Question 3: Same-Day Voter Registration This proposal would allow the State Legislature to pass new laws that give New Yorkers more time to register to vote. Click here for more information on Question 3.

Question 4: No-Excuse Absentee Voting This proposal would allow the State Legislature to pass new laws that give more New Yorkers the option to vote by mail without providing an excuse. Click here for more information on Question 4.

Question 5: Jurisdiction of the New York City Civil Court This proposal would allow NYC Civil Courts to hear and decide claims up to $50,000 instead of $25,000. Click here for more information on Question 5.

Please visit NYC VOTES: 2021 Ballot Proposals, a nonpartisan voter education program, for more information about this year's Ballot Proposals.

What is a General Election?

General elections are the championship match, where candidates from different parties compete to win elected office. Winners of primary elections represent their party in the general election. General elections sometimes include ballot proposals, where voters choose whether to adopt new laws or policies.

Can I still vote by Absentee Ballot?

Maybe. You must have requested your mail-in Absentee Ballot on or before October 18. You can do an in-person Absentee Ballot by visiting your local NYC Board of Elections Office on or before November 1, 2021.

I voted by Absentee Ballot, how do I know it has been counted?

You can track your ballot at nycabsentee.com/tracking.

I'm not registered to vote. Where can I register?

Unfortunately for the 2021 General Election, you had to be registered to vote by October 8, 2021. If you would like to register to vote for the next election please click here for more information.

What are my rights as a voter?

You have the right to vote in the General Election if: You are a registered voter; you are at least 18 years of age; an United States Citizen; you are in line at your poll site by closing time. For additional rights and explanations please visit the NYC Board of Elections website.

I feel my Voter Rights have been violated at a Poll Site. What do I do?

1. Do not leave the Poll Site. If you haven't been able to scan your ballot or your ballot wasn't processed correctly.

2. Ask to speak with the Poll Site's Election Inspector to report the violation and see if it can be remedied.

3. If the situation cannot be remedied, do not leave the Poll Site until you speak with an Election Protection Worker by calling 866.687.8683.

4. When you have left the Poll Site please report your experience to the New York State Attorney General at ag.ny.gov/election-hotline

I do not speak English or am Disabled, what do I do?

Most Poll Sites have translators. Before you go to vote visit the Voter Accessibility Website to see how to get a translator.

For more answers to your questions please visit the NYC Votes or the NYC Board of Elections websites.

POSTED: October 23, 2021

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