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Updates from helpNYC. Substance Recovery section of the Resource Navigator deploys, The Garden Party, and much more!

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Updates from helpNYC. The Ferry Accesability Survey, Halal Food Justice, The New Generation of 9/11, and more!

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Updates on #JulyHomeless Awareness Month, the Resource Navigator, helpNYC achieves 501(c)(3) status, new Board Members, and social media highlights.

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This week, the new Resource Navigator deployed at In the coming days, the website will slowly reopen with limited listings. Because of the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis on many of our Listing Partners in New York City, we are re-verifying every listing individually to ensure our listings reflect our commitment to accuracy and the integrity of our work serving New Yorkers experiencing challenges continues.

Read the letter from helpNYC's Co-Founder, J. RueMel Parkin

Since 2016, helpNYC has been providing verified, accurate information on low-barrier resources that are available to New Yorkers in need. We have kept up our standards to ensure New Yorkers get the services they need with little or no barriers to access.

As of December 7, 2020, helpNYC has suspended normal program operations of the Resource Navigation Program. During this temporary program suspension we will be restructuring our programs, and building our organization to ensure we provide person center services and to maintain our service delivery standards.

Click here to read the letter from Josh.

Da Homeless Hero's Trauma on Top of Trauma

Saturday, October 17, 2020 - 9:00p

Since the start of the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic in New York City my thoughts have been with homeless. I was once street and shelter homeless myself, and I know the challenges homeless New Yorkers struggle with on a normal day, let alone during a public health emergency. New Yorkers who are on the streets and those in the New York City Department of Homeless Services Shelter System living day to day during the Pandemic has been dangerous, stressful, and for most traumatizing.

At a rally in Carl Schurz Park, Da Homeless Hero spoke to the protesters and called on Mayor Bill de Blasio to do the right thing. Below you will find his remarks that spurred the Mayor to change his mind and consider the Men of The Lucerne in future decisions.

Click here to see Da Homeless Hero's Speech.

Economic Impact Payments for Homeless New Yorkers

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 - 7:00aUpdated: October 9, 2020

Many Homeless New Yorkers have found it challenging to file for their Economic Impact Payments and the service providers that help have limited resources and access to knowledge on how to receive a EIP for their Clients. With the help of several NYC Agencies and Organizations helpNYC has issued a guidance document for those who haven't received their EIP yet.

Click here to access the Guidance Document.

NYLPI Mental Health and Policing Survey

Monday, September 7, 2020 - 11:00a

New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (NYLPI), in collaboration with the National Alliance on Mental Health Illness (NAMI), Voices of Community Activists & Leaders (VOCAL NYC) and the Correct Crisis Intervention Today Coalition (CCITNYC), are spearheading a community surveying initiative, which focuses on addressing the ongoing police brutality on community members in mental health crises. Through this community surveying initiative, we are gathering vital information to investigate issues concerning requests for help during a mental health crisis* to convey information about patterns, trends, and shortcomings of the current system truthfully and fairly to the public and in the public interest. Continue reading and take the survey.

The helpNYC Board of Directors unanimously shows support for the efforts of the UWS Open Hearts Initiative and the UWS Strong Campaign to save the lives of their homeless neighbors through compassionate, empathetic, and fact based solutions. Early this week we sent Mayor de Blasio our own support to elevate this amazing group of New Yorkers, and to remind Mayor de Blasio that the homeless are New Yorkers as well. Read our letter to Mayor de Blasio.

helpNYC stands with our community in solidarity. We stand with the peaceful protests across the nation calling for Justice for George, Breonna, Ahmaud, Tony, and for all Black lives. We also stand against the institutional, systemic, and societal Racism that exists in the United States of America. Continue Reading

VOLUNTEERS: New York Needs You!

helpNYC's COVID-19 ResponseTuesday, April 21, 2020 12:15p

While we have adjusted to this new normal for now, many New Yorkers are still struggling to meet their basic needs. Thousands of New Yorkers are depending on meals coming from one or more of the hundreds of Community Kitchens and Food Pantries across the five boroughs, and the need will grow further in the coming weeks. Continue Reading

The CARES Act - Economic Impact Payments

helpNYC's COVID-19 ResponseWednesday, April 8, 2020 2:30p

Food Assistance Programs, social service agencies, and individuals have reached out to helpNYC asking for information about the Federal Stimulus Package's Direct Payments to individuals and families across America. Though our initiative cannot provide direct services around this topic, we have compiled information as of the publishing date of this article that is available on the internet to everyone. Read More.

When the Love of Your Life Disappears Forever

Tuesday. March 3, 2020 - 10:30a

When a loved one dies we all have a huge hole to fill in our soul. It could be a beloved animal, a dear friend, or in the case of my neighbor Lisa Roma, the love of her life. I was touched to see my neighbor so eloquently describing her husband Reggie that passed away in 2018 in an article that was published in the peer support community’s publication City Voices. Read her story here.

Do you live in New York City? You may be eligible for no charge Federal and State Income Tax preparation from one of NYC Free Tax Prep sites operated by the City of New York's Department of Consumer Affairs. These tax preparation sites are staffed by trained and certified volunteers. They can handle most tax returns, deductions, and schedules by providing the following two types of services. Read More.

Answering the Call, November 2019

November 27, 2019 11:00a

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a loyal subscriber to our email list. I’m so grateful that you’re apart of the helpNYC community. Everyone counts at helpNYC: our board members, our volunteers, our partners, and our neighbors in need. Everyone one is essential to our work and our great city. Read More.

I'm Going To Be...

November 11, 2019 11:00a

This morning I woke up to a text message from my dear friend Jahaira. The text message was a link to a YouTube video and I hesitantly clicked the link, knowing that I would be watching some embarrassing video that she later would say, “Thats so you, Josh!” I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my very own Jahaira, standing behind a podium in the preview of that YouTube video. Read More

Manhattan Together, a collaboration of direct service providers and non-profits, are asking New Yorkers in all five boroughs of New York City that have Psych-ER experience as a patient or a friend/family of a patient to fill out a short survey. If you would please take 5-10 minutes to fill out this survey it would be a great help to them. Take the Survey.

Through my personal recovery journey, I learned that being of service to another person in need is the fastest and easiest way to solve my problems. I had this wealth of information that I had collected over the years and would tap into it to help friends that needed help. I noticed that my friends were asking for the same type of information over and over again. I gathered my information and put together some “street sheets” to share with my friends and that ignited an idea to establish a website accessible to everyone. Read More