Donate your Spare Change to helpNYC using the GiveTide App

Connect your debit, credit, or bank account to GiveTide and they will round up your purchases to give to helpNYC. This is a great way to make a gift to helpNYC without thinking about it. You can set GiveGoals for yourself, and donate the spare change you accumulate on your schedule.

Setup GiveTide for helpNYC

Here is a great video by GiveTide on how the App works! Step-by-Step Instructions are below.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Download the GiveTide App in Apple's App Store* onto your iOS device.

  2. Open the GiveTide App and setup your GiveTide Account.

  3. After your Give Tide account is setup, scan the QR Code below (or using the Search Bar at the top of the screen search for helpNYC or click here while on your iOS device.)

4. Press 'Add to Roundups'.

If you have any challenges with setting up your GiveTide Account or selecting helpNYC as your RoundUp charity please contact GiveTide directly at
Please Note:*helpNYC cannot provide technical or customer service for GiveTide accounts. Please contact GiveTide directly.*Donations through GiveTide are processed by Social Good Fund, a 501(c)(3) donor-advised fund benefiting helpNYC.*GiveTide is available on Apple iOS devices only.