Help Us Help Others

We Are On A Mission

helpNYC strives to remove the barriers that keep people from seeking help from established, safe, and verified low-barrier providers. We work and partner with organizations, providers, companies, and individuals to find these resources and information. helpNYC needs your help in the following areas:

  • Formalizing Our Cause - Filing and applying for the essential paperwork to incorporate and receiving non-profit status.

  • Administrative and Operations - We are volunteer and peer led initiative but we still have expenses like web hosting, technology, and memberships to pay for.

  • Program Expansion - Our website is what we do right now, but we have plans for bigger stuff. We plan on publishing accurate, maintained street sheets, expand our coverage area to all the boroughs of New York City. Train our Ambassadors how to work with under-served populations. Send our volunteers to conferences and community based service training.

You Can Make A Difference

Many people did not know how to ask for help with rent or a job search before they became homeless. helpNYC provides easy to access information to resources in the community that may be able to help someone get a job, apply for assistance, help them stay in their home.

Many people are turning to drugs and alcohol to cope with serve traumatic experiences. They want to stop but don't know how too. helpNYC provides information on how to get help with addiction and medical treatment.

Many parents are in another state and their child is experiencing a mental health concern. helpNYC can connect them to services in the community that their child lives in.

You can make a difference in these people's lives and many more. Donate, today!

Anyone Can Help Anyone

helpNYC doesn't believe that our ability to contribute money is the only way someone can help our cause. We empower people to help their neighbors. We want to inspire people to get to know a stranger. We need people, period. Yes, we need donations of money to help us operate and grow. But something money can't buy is the heart and mind of a volunteer. If you cannot make monetary donation but want to help us help others through donating your time, we definitely can use your help. Contact us about volunteering! We would love to meet you!

Please note donations to helpNYC at this time are not tax deductible as defined by the United States Internal Revenue Service.If you would like to know why donations to helpNYC are not tax deductible at this time please contact us.