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Updates from helpNYC

Early Voting is underway in New York City. Do you have a plan to vote? Use our simple guide to find tips to help you plan to vote this year!

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Updates from helpNYC. Substance Recovery section of the Resource Navigator deploys, The Garden Party, and much more!

Read the Community Update

This week, the new Resource Navigator deployed at In the coming days, the website will slowly reopen with limited listings. Because of the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis on many of our Listing Partners in New York City, we are re-verifying every listing individually to ensure our listings reflect our commitment to accuracy and the integrity of our work serving New Yorkers experiencing challenges continues.

Read the letter from helpNYC's Co-Founder, J. RueMel Parkin

Economic Impact Payments for Homeless New Yorkers

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 - 7:00aUpdated: October 9, 2020

Many Homeless New Yorkers have found it challenging to file for their Economic Impact Payments and the service providers that help have limited resources and access to knowledge on how to receive a EIP for their Clients. With the help of several NYC Agencies and Organizations helpNYC has issued a guidance document for those who haven't received their EIP yet.

Click here to access the Guidance Document.